Adam French: ‘Weightless’ EP Review

Credit: Adam French
As he begins his tour next month, Lyrically-Speaking Magazine reviews Adam French’s latest EP ‘Weightless’. Read on to find out all the reasons why Adam French should be on your playlist this year!


The EP begins with its title track ‘Weightless’ and you are transported into a soothing serenade. There is a mellow tone set for the track beginning with resonant guitar chords and ending with French’s harmonious vocals. The song is true to the title and leaves you feeling free. This is the type of song that you can really chill out to with a glass of wine (or any beverage of your choice) and leave your mind to drift.


Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes


In our opinion, the best track on the EP is ‘My Addiction’. The song is about wanting to be with someone and becoming addicted to them. You can hear longing and passion in French’s vocals and it shows you a tinge of vulnerability. This is one of those songs that you will be humming the tune without even realising.


French composes his own version of The Walkmen’s ‘The Rat’ by turning it into a mellow track. There is something about Adam French’s style that is haunting and hard to resist. The last track is ‘Skin Deep’ describing the feeling of losing yourself. The song rounds off the EP by continuing with the mellow theme that is prevalent throughout.



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