Jack Vallier: Rebekah EP Review

Credit: Kazuhito Tanaka

Jack Vallier, a singer/songwriter from Bournemouth, released his debut EP ‘Rebekah’ in November. After hearing the EP, we knew that we had to do a review and share it with you!


Jack Vallier’s EP was released on the 17th November 2017 and features four tracks. As it is Jack’s debut release it really gives us a taster of what we can expect from the alternative pop artist in the future.
As a listener, you are taken through a string of feelings that most people will experience after a failed relationship. The first track, ‘Rebekah’ takes the title of the EP. It defines a relationship that has been lost and Vallier wondering if she has moved on from their relationship and memories they had together. The first verse is originally asking Rebekah if she is over it and then the second verse questions; ‘are we […] over it’. Once you get this song stuck in your head, it will be a good few days before you can get it out again! You’ll be tapping the beat of the chorus and singing along in no time.
Credit: Louis Browne

Vallier’s second track, ‘The Boy You Knew’ has a mellow opening tone as he vocalises feelings about a past relationship. This song includes some beautiful harmonies from Vallier particularly throughout the chorus and when he states ‘Cause it’s hard to forget something perfect’. Following with the theme of past relationships, this song accurately describes the grieving stage after a relationship where you feel that ‘There ain’t nobody better’ than that person.


The EP then follows on with ‘Change Your Mind’ beginning with a piano riff. This then progresses with the addition of a few more chords creating an upbeat tone. The lyrics show Vallier appealing to his lover to come back to him and ‘change [her] mind’. The chorus really expresses the power behind Vallier’s vocals and what we are to expect for future releases.


The previous tracks have expressed grief over the loss of a relationship whereas the last track bring us towards the healing stage after a break up. ‘Good For You’ symbolises that even though he is still grieving he is beginning to accept that this is the end. Vallier begins to question whether she has ‘met a new man’ and that if she’s happy then ‘its good for [him]’. This song demonstrates the healing process beginning to take play and ends with the lyrics ‘because I love you, I will let you go’.


8/10 – Jack Vallier has created a structured and catchy debut EP and it is clear that we can expect a lot more from him in the new year!



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