Jonathan Vautour: ‘Begin Over’ EP Review

Credit: Levi Hastman (Black and White Entertainment)

We at Lyrically-Speaking Magazine recently heard Canadian singer/songwriter Jonathan Vautour’s new EP “Begin Over,” and honestly, it’s pretty spectacular. Read on to find out exactly what we thought!


The first track on the EP is titled ‘Monday’ and it is such a pensive song and is just so relatable. The music video for it is available for viewing on YouTube and you can also check it out below. You’re welcome!


The EP also includes a piano version of ‘Monday’ which is just beautiful. The gentleness of the piano adds such poignancy to the lyrics and really emphasises the struggles that some of us go through every day.


One of our personal favourites, is the second track on the EP, titled ‘Everything’s About to Change.’ Like ‘Monday,’ it describes how day-to-day life can get you down. However, this song is more upbeat and the overall message is one of optimism. The chorus is so catchy and, honestly we can’t stop listening to it!

Credit: Erin Grace

You can listen to Begin Over on Spotify right here and whilst you’re at it, do yourself a favour and listen to his album “From the Heart” while you’re there.

Jonathon has shown such versatility in his skills as a musician that this EP has a healthy mix of downbeat and up-tempo songs. I give it a two thumbs up. It would be more…if I had more thumbs.


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