Peyton: “Sinners Got Soul Too” Album Review


Peyton has now released his new album “Sinners Got Soul Too”. After interviewing Peyton about his innovative sound, Lyrically-Speaking reviews his new release.


Christopher Peyton began his music career in dance and house music. After deciding to change his music style, Peyton competed on X-Factor in 2016. He left the show to national outrage after Sharon Osbourne voted to keep Honey G on instead of him. Now, over a year later, Peyton has released his new album and shown us a whole new side to himself.


The album opens with an intro titled ‘Keep On Rising’ which sets the theme for the remainder of the album. It expresses that even when you’re at the bottom, you need to rise above that and carry on.



One of our favourite songs is ‘When They Go Low’, which has an incredible catchy chorus and you can hear Peyton’s dance music experience in the beat. This was also the first track from the album that had a music video. You can check that out at the bottom of the article and thank us later!


Carrying on with the theme of rising up, ‘I’ll Rise’ creates a softer tone to the album and gives Peyton a new edge. It’s a passionate track with strong lyrics that leaves an impression. We’re then moved into the beautiful song ‘Be My Enough’ which Peyton wrote for his wedding day. This heartfelt ballad is so personal and shows an endearing vulnerable side to Peyton. Anyone that has been in love can relate to this song and the choir gives a warm vibe to the track.



Peyton shows his versatility as he blends different styles throughout the album. This can be seen in particular with the reggae type beat in ‘Joy’. This track leaves you bobbing your head in time to the beat and has some very powerful vocals.


The whole album demonstrates Peyton’s transition from dance music. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Peyton has produced a wonderful album with a diverse range of tracks.



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