Super Hi-Fi: “Blue and White” LP Review

Credit: Robert Swainston

On Friday 9th March 2018, Super Hi-Fi will be releasing their 5th LP, “Blue and White”. Read on to see what we think of their upcoming release and what they have in store for you!


Super Hi-Fi are an underground group based in Brooklyn that have been on the music scene since 2010. They released their first full length album “Dub To The Bone” in 2012 and NY Music Daily listed it as the ‘Best Reggae Album of the Year’. Throughout their music career, the band have backed a range of artists including Beyonce, Bill Frisell and the Skatalites.



The band gear up for their 5th album release “Blue and White” and there are some new sounds coming your way. Whilst previous releases such as “Dub To The Bone” were instrumental, the tracks now include bass player Ezra Gale’s vocals. This gives the tracks a unique edge whilst also keeping their recognisable sound.


Their new album features elements of different genres ranging from rock, jazz and reggae giving them an original flavour. This is one of the things we loved the most about the album because no two songs sound the same. Each track has its own sound and demonstrates the versatility of the band. The songs fearlessly embrace a heavy bassline leaving you wanting more.



To tease fans with their impending LP, Super Hi-Fi have just released the first track from the album, ‘Little Black Book’. It features a beautiful trombone melody alongside an African inspired beat. Gale talks about the track stating: “I wrote it right after I got a parking ticket and I was really p***ed off and was trying to not be so angry and be more empathetic towards people who have a job that makes them do something everyone else hates, and so makes them hated, which isn’t really fair. It worked and I wasn’t as angry after writing it…for a little while, anyway!”.


We don’t want to spoil too much before the album is released so you will just have to wait until the 9th March and listen for yourselves!


The quirky music video for ‘Little Black Book’ can be viewed below. Don’t forget to connect with the band using the links underneath the video.


Listen here: Spotify / SoundCloud / Youtube

Connect with Super Hi-Fi here: Twitter / Facebook / Website


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