Josh Taerk Gig Review

Credit: Kasia Wardman

Canadian singer / song-writer Josh Taerk begins 2018 in the right way with a tour in the UK. Lyrically-Speaking reviews his performance at The Bedford, London.


Josh Taerk is no stranger to touring in the UK, now that 2018 has fallen upon us, he begins his New Year performing at The Bedford. Before beginning his tour, Josh said; “It’s like coming home. The UK was where I cut my teeth as an artist and performer. It’s where I developed my sound and learned what it meant to put on a show. My live show is what it is today in large part because of my experiences in the UK, and I can’t wait to be back.”


Opening the show, the audience could feel the passion and enthusiasm that Josh puts into his music. Beaming from ear to ear, he is introduced to the crowd and you can instantly tell that he has a large and confident presence on stage. His first song, ‘The Mirror’ which was released on his debut album, Here’s To Change, starts the night with a rocky, toe-tapping beat. Josh provides us with strong vocals and shows that he is just as great when he is performing live.


Credit: Kasia Wardman


Cranking up the tempo, we move into Josh’s single ‘Rock N Roll On’ which has a country-rock vibe. This is a fun track and the lyrics seem to accurately describe Josh’s love of music. It is clear that he just enjoys performing. The Bedford is an intimate venue and Josh uses this to his advantage by making eye-contact with the audience and making it personalised.


The next two songs that Josh performs are from his new EP Stages. The first he performs is ‘Neverland’ which is a lot slower than Josh’s usual tracks but it works well. This is one of Lyrically-Speaking’s favourite songs as his voice is impeccable over a smooth beat. It shows a different side to Josh and what he is capable of. The second song from Stages that is performed is ‘Learning To Let Go’. The vocals on this track are on another level and there is no way to describe them. To see what we mean, give the song a listen!


Ending the night on a high, Josh sings his ‘Take A Chance On Me’. Throughout the whole show, Josh gives it his all, particularly on this last track. He takes over the stage and keeps the audience on their toes by effectively switching the tone between mellow and upbeat.


What an incredible performance! We are left eagerly awaiting what Josh Taerk will bring to the table next.



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