James Bakian: ‘Usual’ Song Review

Credit: Bakian Designs
In December, we reviewed James Bakian’s EP “Unstoppable” and now he’s back in 2018 with his new single ‘Usual’. Read on to see what we thought!


The young singer/song-writer has started the New Year off with releasing his new single ‘Usual’ and it is not his usual style either. James Bakian gives us an insight into how diverse his music can be by hitting us with a new RnB track. Whilst James is only young, do not let that fool you, the track was written, produced and sung all by himself.


Credit: Bakian Designs
This could be one of James’ best songs yet. It is about a young girl who has a lot going on and doesn’t seem to be acting like she usually does. It is a really endearing song about how she is not on her own through the problems and that he’ll be there to help her.
The chorus enables James to reach some beautiful high notes whilst the verses are low and soft. It is a really passionate song of supporting someone when they’re going through a hard time. It has really modern feel to it and we think that modern chart artists such as Rihanna and Drake could have influenced the beat to this track.
The music video for the song has also recently been released which you can view here:



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