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Lyrically-Speaking introduces new writer, Tamzyn Jackson as she reviews this awesome new track from Luke Buck, titled ‘Winter.’ New York’s singer-songwriter was inspired to write this song during the recording of his latest EP, ‘All These Things ‘.


This emotional track describes the pain you feel when a relationship ends and maintains a delicate balance between mellow and powerful. When talking about his break up and the emotions that led to ‘Winter’, Luke said “For a while. I was too busy to deal with the emotions fully. But the day she told me she met someone new was a punch in the gut. It wasn’t fair to expect otherwise, but you know, it still brought up some repressed feelings. I sat down at my piano again and ‘Winter’ started to come out again, but this time with a renewed meaning and feeling behind the words.”


His voice is accompanied by that of Cass McSparin who provides subtle backing vocals, Jed Nimitz on the bass, Mike Irwin on the trumpet and Robert Mitzner on the drums. The sound of this track is a little different than Luke’s usual work, but this is an important step forward for his progression.


Luke has said “I don’t think people are just one thing, they are a mess of contradictions and emotions, so it makes sense that the music I’m making sounds different each time. Hopefully listeners will embrace that about me because I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Ultimately I’m making music for myself, both for fun and for a coping mechanism, and I hope people will join me for the ride!”


True enough, this time of year can be tough for some of us, which makes this track even more relevant. Luke says that it is a coping mechanism for himself. I say coping mechanism for us all!


His brand new EP, All These Things Deluxe 12″ Vinyl was released in December. Physical copies are available for order now via his website.


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