Nicole Duquette: ‘In The Moment’ Song Review

Credit: Amanda Frank

Canadian singer/song-writer Nicole Duquette has recently released her new song ‘In The Moment’. We were astounded by this beautiful track and we wanted to share it with you.


Originally from Ontario in Canada, Nicole Duquette now resides in France working on her music. From the age of 13, Nicole began to play the guitar and write her own songs. She released her new song ‘In The Moment’ in December 2017 and it has a Taylor Swift kind of vibe to it.


This is a beautiful track that really emphasises Nicole’s powerful voice. You can hear the passion and longing through her vocals as she describes what it is like to be loved unconditionally. From the beginning, it sounds like the song is going to explore the avenue of heartbreak. However, by the chorus, it seems as though the song is after an argument with a lover and she is reminding herself of the love that they share.


Credit: Gregory Martins

The music video to the track shows Nicole baring passion and vulnerability which supports the theme of the song. Throughout the video, she is singing alone in various different locations. By the end, she is sitting on her own and is joined by her lover as he puts his arm around her.


Nicole’s vocals are incredible and we think that there is a lot to come from her yet. The song is catchy and leaves a lasting impression. Be sure to subscribe to Nicole’s YouTube channel and keep an eye out for new releases!


Listen here: YouTube / Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Connect with Nicole Duquette: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram



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