Vix Sambi: ‘She’s the One’ Song Review

Vix Sambi

Lyrically-Speaking Magazine reviews Vix Sambi’s new club track, ‘She’s The One’, which comes out in mid February.

We’ve been hard at work searching for your new favourite song. And I think we have a strong contender in “She’s the One” by Vix Sambi. The track features Mr. Williams and Souls. Vix is a London based artist is influenced by artists such as Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson. Now though, he has developed his own individual sound which is recognisable in this song.


Justin Harris

A lot of effort went into producing this song, which is easy to tell because it really is a toe tapping, party classic. Vix was sent the track and wrote down the lyrics instantly but to create the song, it took a lot of trial and error until it became what it is now. It’s an immediate go-to for RnB lovers and just really easy listening.

It comes out in the middle of this month, so a little patience is required, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.¬†We don’t want to reveal too much about the song until it has been released but we’re certain that you’ll like it.

Keep your eyes peeled on Vix’s social media pages for the announcement of this release!


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