Noasis Gig Review

Credit: Bev Wood

You have heard of Oasis but have you heard of Noasis? If you haven’t, then I suggest you get yourself down to one of their gigs as soon as possible! Lyrically-Speaking reviews their New Year’s Eve performance at Venue 77, Ipswich.


Noasis are known as ‘the nation’s favourite tribute band’. They were formed together in 2006 by their love of Oasis and have been touring ever since.


Waiting for the band to begin, the crowd began filing around the stage, drinks were flowing and everyone was pumped for the performance to begin. Some people were so keen to see the band perform for New Year’s Eve that they were even offering ticketholders double the price than what they paid.


The band walked onto the stage and began with their rendition of ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’. After cracking a few Liam-like jokes, they performed their versions of Oasis favourites such as ‘Morning Glory’, ‘Roll With It’ and ‘Half The World Away’. It must be commended that their vocals sounded just like the originals and was performed flawlessly. The band rocked out and they were amazing at keeping the crowd dancing and singing throughout the night.


The biggest crowd pleasers seemed to be their performances of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and ‘Champagne Supernova’. There can’t have been one person in the building that wasn’t singing the lyrics back to the band. After leaving the stage and saying goodnight, Noasis returned with an encore of ‘Rock N’ Roll Star’. The night was left on a high and everyone was ready for the countdown for the New Year to begin.


9/10 – Watching Noasis perform was one of the best ways to enter into 2018. They done an excellent job and kept the crowd pumped and ready for the New Year to begin.


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