Grace Db: ‘Fever’ Cover Review

Credit: Lee Christian and Grace Williams

Grace Db begins her solo music career by releasing her EP of covers “Covering My Tracks”. We review her featured track from the EP, ‘Fever’.


Grace Williams works with underground producer Lee Christian to create her first solo EP “Covering My Tracks”. The EP has a diverse range of covers including tracks such as ‘Don’t Cha’ by The Pussycat Dolls, David Bowie’s ‘Little Wonder’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Remember The Time’.

The first featured track from the album is Grace’s cover of Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’. With the music video and Grace’s vocals, the track has a modernised feel to it and it works well. The best thing about Grace’s version of this song is how well it compliments her smooth, velvet voice.


Credit: Lee Christian and Grace Williams

Up in flames throughout, the music video is simple, yet very effective. Grace adds a sensual quality to the song and the flames in the music video heighten this creating an erotic cover.

This is a very successful cover from Grace and we’re looking forward to seeing what is in store for her throughout the year. You can listen to Grace’s cover below or download her EP using the links underneath the video.



Listen here: Soundcloud / Bandcamp / YouTube

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