Julia Freifeld: ‘I Hate U, I Love U’ Cover

Credit: Stephan Redav

Julia Freifeld is a singer/songwriter that tackles a mixture of covering songs and also creating her own. Here at Lyrically-Speaking, we’re looking to her cover of Gnash and Olivia Brien’s ‘I Hate U I Love U’.


‘I Hate U, I Love U’ was written by Gnash and featured vocalist Olivia O’Brien. The track received much success and has been covered numerous times. The song itself creates a love story of a relationship that may be coming to an end and shows both a male and female perspective.


Julia Freifeld’s version gives only the female voice but it stays true to the lyrics. This song has been covered multiple times and this could be one of the best covers we have heard of it. Due to the rapping midway through the song, it can be quite tricky to cover but this version has got the rapping down to a T. Freifeld’s vocals can make any listener feel relaxed on this acoustic cover.


Julia Freifeld also uploaded a video to the cover on her YouTube channel (link can be found at the bottom of the article). Whilst the vocals are powerful, Freifeld is composed and flawless throughout the video.


Now that Freifeld is on our radar, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for anymore original releases along with any further covers that she uploads.

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