Olina Bak: ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’ Cover Review

Credit: Fotis Papad

Olina Bak is a 22 year old singer currently residing in
Greece. She dedicates her time to releasing covers of songs on her YouTube
channel. We will be reviewing Olina’s version of Khalid’s ‘Young, Dumb and



You have more than likely heard of Khalid and most
importantly his latest track ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’. This song was released
early in 2017 and has received much airplay including over 180 million views on
YouTube. It is quite a carefree song about high school kids being in love and
just having fun with no responsibilities.



Olina, began to upload acoustic covers of popular chart
songs to her YouTube channel in September. She is currently residing in Crete,
Greece but now she has finished studying Biology at University, now plans to
move to London.



Credit: Fotis Papad

She provides us with her beautiful rendition of Khalid’s
‘Young Dumb and Broke’. The video shows Olina playing her guitar and singing a
beautiful harmony to the melody of the song. Olina’s sweet vocals gives the
track an edge of innocence which we think may be lost in the Khalid’s original.



One of the best things about this cover is how Olina can
transition between the high and low keys, particularly on the second chorus.
You can hear the passion for music in her voice which makes it such a
heart-warming cover.



It is clear that we can expect some more spectacular covers from Olina
in the future. Subscribe to her YouTube channel (link posted below) to keep
yourself in the loop!


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